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The etymology of 「Sirius」originates in the meaning named Sarios (SEIRIOS, shining one, and one that is burnt and scorched) by Greek. It is a fixed star in the star of the first magnitude seen from the solar system that shines most.

Sirius of the highest quality that uses shine of supremacy that do the charm of highest cutting and high-quality platinum 950 ticks away important through all eternity time as suitable memorial jewelry on the anniversary not forgotten.


High hardness

To put high pressure and to begin to cut down and to make the platinum strongly trained, 170Hv that far exceeds it before and behind Hiccarz hardness 90Hv of past platinum is achieved. It is possible not to distort easily and to use it because it is strong also in Kiz for a long time. ※The Hiccarz hardness is a numerical value that shows the hardness of the metal. Hardness or more larger the numerical value is is meant.


Ratio Shine

Sirius is differs from the casting (Cast) used for a past, general jewelry, and a quite new industrial method by beginning cut down from platinum source Wa. A beautiful shine is shot by cutting the ring to which hardness increases by rolling with the cutting tool of the diamond


Stone detainment and effect of reflection

The shine of platinum and the diamond is drawn out in the maximum. There is a feature that looks larger than the absolute sizes the diamonds by the reflection of platinum (optical reflection) because the diamond reflects in the reflection curved surface and is crowded. 。