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・Japan Jewelry Society
・Japan kikinzoku-seisa Industrial union
・Japan Kikinzoku Cultural craft union

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It thinks about the starting point of the making from the request by thinking about an unlimited possibility.

Our company is establishment 50years Concept of the person, the dream, and the technology. Energy has been poured into the research and development answering the subdivided market trend and giving priority to "Stick to" different from other commodities both then. The commodity making has pride in the trust making and a lot of high evaluations have pride from each district to the business creed that the base not defeated at the other companies was able to be built about the getting technology. It was a desire that it wanted to be a technology when thinking about the mono-making once now for the customer. And, all companies became integral and hung to the business target out a new attempt to attempt converting in the company that created only one from the company that manufactured the only one commodity. The delicacy of the color that traditional craft "Hirato zaiku" that has been incessantly succeeded for 400years including the special cutting industrial method sirius where a state-of-the-art technology was united with the craftsmanship of skill and the stained glass are transparent is "Seven Too treasures. " of the feature. Only the site does the technology that has cultivated it up to now in the mainspring of growth and development, business, and departments of management will devote oneself in the starting point of the mono-making and idea customer's view to do the best proposal every day. Please it is possible ..further growth.. to peel off and, it works on strengthening the personnel training and the organizational structure, and support and let me receive it everybody further warm in the future.

President/CEO Toshiaki Goto