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Firo is a word that means "String" in Italian.

It succeeded in making up the Hirato work of the traditional craft succeeded for 400years by 18gold with a difficult more processing, and expressive jewelry was produced in a new modern sense.

hirato zaiku

What is the Hirato zaiku …?

It is said that the silver line work transmitted from the Netherlands is a start from Nagasaki Prefecture Hirato that is the trade port at that time in 「7years of Keicho」 (1602) in Edo period. It develops, and it is being specified for the intangible cultural asset of Akita by the Akita clan where friendship was deep now.

Perfection that arises from wire rod of extra fine high, homemade jewelry

All processes become the hand work, and a delicate, skilled technique is needed. Extremely detailed line use is a feature, and the finish that overflows in the appearance of solidity. Therefore production number easy commodity day several large commodity complex one several take unusual scarce high commodity say。



A delicate pattern such as "Bird's wing" and "Dragon's scale" was expressed by 「The Hirato-zaiku」It is an artistic ornament that arose from the world-class technology, and in new Hirato where the tradition unites with the sensibility, the world.